March for Life – D.C.- 1/27/2017

March for Life Breathing Life Back Into America’s Soul

With gratitude to all women and men who participated; actively in the March for Life, and all wh supported them through on-going prayers, support, encouragement and love– all women of decency, maternal tenacity, will strive to find their voices and let them be heard in the interest of the millions of babies Murdered! What a moanful, desperate  collective howling scream these infants would make as a chorus of the dammed begging for mercy, begging for life

May Almighty God Rest These Innocents Souls and hold each one in Divine Embrace For Eternity — Amen  !!!  Thanks Be To God!

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Health Status Re: noteable fmr resident of Arkansas

Summarized (with some identifiers omitted for successful sharing purposes):

Patient reports blackouts, uncontrollable twitching, memory loss; medical exam and tests show signs of advancing sub-cortical vascular dementia (MMSE performed), signs of more frequent complex partial seizures. Dx: Complex Partial Seizures, Sub-Cortical Vascular Dementia Patient: Female; DOB 10/26/1947; Dr. Lisa R. Bardack,M.D., 5February2014. (re: fmr notable arkansas resident)

Dr. Lisa R. Barback, M.D., Chairman – Mt. Kisco Medical Group (Dr. Barback’s apparent Dx of Hillary Clinton!

Found posted under a “removed account”on Twitter posted by an individual saying, “I hate to do this, but it has to be done”; individual ID’ed her/himself as a “former employee” with no further information, except warning to gather info before it disappeared!

With other information gleaned from You-Tube and social media, information is quite consistent.