Health Status Re: noteable fmr resident of Arkansas

Summarized (with some identifiers omitted for successful sharing purposes):

Patient reports blackouts, uncontrollable twitching, memory loss; medical exam and tests show signs of advancing sub-cortical vascular dementia (MMSE performed), signs of more frequent complex partial seizures. Dx: Complex Partial Seizures, Sub-Cortical Vascular Dementia Patient: Female; DOB 10/26/1947; Dr. Lisa R. Bardack,M.D., 5February2014. (re: fmr notable arkansas resident)

Dr. Lisa R. Barback, M.D., Chairman – Mt. Kisco Medical Group (Dr. Barback’s apparent Dx of Hillary Clinton!

Found posted under a “removed account”on Twitter posted by an individual saying, “I hate to do this, but it has to be done”; individual ID’ed her/himself as a “former employee” with no further information, except warning to gather info before it disappeared!

With other information gleaned from You-Tube and social media, information is quite consistent.







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