To: Catholicism Pure & Simple – Assistance/Direction

CATHOLICISM PURE & SIMPLE — Assistance/Direction requested.

Good Morning; among the many views and comments in reaction to the “teen-sexuality”primmer approved, many followers of CP & S have offered their several comments and opinions, including me.                                                                                                 In attempting to answer one of those comments, I was “censored” by CP & S by means of removing my cursor in the middle of a respectful, non-threatening, non-vulgar manner to one johnhenrycn!                                                                                                                     johnhenrysays:                                                                                                                                            “Oh, double, double, toil and trouble…my eyesight’s getting as bad as Toad’s.)                  Yes, Tom. Very reasonable. She ought to be burnt in my view. Nothing less without a full retraction.”                                                                                                                                                Needless to say, this very specific personal attack and threat is unacceptable across the board!                                                                                                                                                                     I request the involvement and input, mediation and resolution to such statements as Mr. Henry’s (see above)!                                                                                                                                     Flights of fancy which include the immolation of a human being on CP & S’s Blog stoops to a new low and the threat is blatant and unambiguous!                                                                     Thank you for your time!





For the several ardent followers at Catholicism Pure & Simple (CP & S)  –

I retract each of the following statements for which I offered no substantiation:

a) The Pope is certainly not God’s representative

b) He is an interlopper in the Church

c) He is mad with power

d) His ‘involvement’ with the church is inappropriate, and is simply to serve his agenda of advancing his power.

I pray through the intercession of Holy Mary Mother of God that through her Son, Jesus Christ, God Will Bless and Guide Us All on this Glorious Sunday, September 4, 2016.