March for Life – D.C.- 1/27/2017

March for Life Breathing Life Back Into America’s Soul

With gratitude to all women and men who participated; actively in the March for Life, and all wh supported them through on-going prayers, support, encouragement and love– all women of decency, maternal tenacity, will strive to find their voices and let them be heard in the interest of the millions of babies Murdered! What a moanful, desperate  collective howling scream these infants would make as a chorus of the dammed begging for mercy, begging for life

May Almighty God Rest These Innocents Souls and hold each one in Divine Embrace For Eternity — Amen  !!!  Thanks Be To God!

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To: Catholicism Pure & Simple – Assistance/Direction

CATHOLICISM PURE & SIMPLE — Assistance/Direction requested.

Good Morning; among the many views and comments in reaction to the “teen-sexuality”primmer approved, many followers of CP & S have offered their several comments and opinions, including me.                                                                                                 In attempting to answer one of those comments, I was “censored” by CP & S by means of removing my cursor in the middle of a respectful, non-threatening, non-vulgar manner to one johnhenrycn!                                                                                                                     johnhenrysays:                                                                                                                                            “Oh, double, double, toil and trouble…my eyesight’s getting as bad as Toad’s.)                  Yes, Tom. Very reasonable. She ought to be burnt in my view. Nothing less without a full retraction.”                                                                                                                                                Needless to say, this very specific personal attack and threat is unacceptable across the board!                                                                                                                                                                     I request the involvement and input, mediation and resolution to such statements as Mr. Henry’s (see above)!                                                                                                                                     Flights of fancy which include the immolation of a human being on CP & S’s Blog stoops to a new low and the threat is blatant and unambiguous!                                                                     Thank you for your time!




For the several ardent followers at Catholicism Pure & Simple (CP & S)  –

I retract each of the following statements for which I offered no substantiation:

a) The Pope is certainly not God’s representative

b) He is an interlopper in the Church

c) He is mad with power

d) His ‘involvement’ with the church is inappropriate, and is simply to serve his agenda of advancing his power.

I pray through the intercession of Holy Mary Mother of God that through her Son, Jesus Christ, God Will Bless and Guide Us All on this Glorious Sunday, September 4, 2016.


Health Status Re: noteable fmr resident of Arkansas

Summarized (with some identifiers omitted for successful sharing purposes):

Patient reports blackouts, uncontrollable twitching, memory loss; medical exam and tests show signs of advancing sub-cortical vascular dementia (MMSE performed), signs of more frequent complex partial seizures. Dx: Complex Partial Seizures, Sub-Cortical Vascular Dementia Patient: Female; DOB 10/26/1947; Dr. Lisa R. Bardack,M.D., 5February2014. (re: fmr notable arkansas resident)

Dr. Lisa R. Barback, M.D., Chairman – Mt. Kisco Medical Group (Dr. Barback’s apparent Dx of Hillary Clinton!

Found posted under a “removed account”on Twitter posted by an individual saying, “I hate to do this, but it has to be done”; individual ID’ed her/himself as a “former employee” with no further information, except warning to gather info before it disappeared!

With other information gleaned from You-Tube and social media, information is quite consistent.






One Woman’s Response:

A Woman’s Reaction

Study, investigation, re-investigation, questioning, uncovering biases/motive/history/academics/minutiae – truth lies here too/social-engineering in all its guises, throughout historical ‘transformation’and ‘evolution’, yes this is all very important work and a huge contribution to the field of Linguistics!

Equally significant, perhaps more so, is to communicate is plain language so that as many born-females as possible may have some chance at understanding what it is other females are trying to communicate!

While this woman is not too concerned with “Generic X”,  but rather the value of ‘Genetic X’ — meaning females from conception to natural death, and everything in between — this response is ‘published’ here as I found that after 9, ‘Comments Are Closed’!  As there was a comment and a valid point to be made, in this female’s opinion, I chose another route!;
In no way is this to discredit this blogger’s work, nor that of her sources; but rather, I hope, to lend another female’s voice to this effort.

Thank you for your attention and your Excellent Site!


On Twitter recently, the British Green Party’s women’s organization explained why it had chosen to refer to its constituency as ‘non-men’ rather than ‘women’. This inspired an outbreak of the kind of mockery and parody Twitter excels in. ‘What’s all this in my mentions about the non-blue party?’ inquired one user. Others urged the immediate […]

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