Ramadan Jihad Massacre at Orlando Gay Club

Succcinct – to-the-point: The evil of The Qu’ran, Sharriah Law, The Time of Ramadan, the neutralization of American Law Enforcement and Agencies, and The United States Military — all roads leading unmistakably to Barack Hussein Obama!


Town Hall, by Clare Lopez, June 13, 2016: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” goes the jihad rallying cry. This year’s warning came first, as it always does, from an Islamic terror…

Source: Ramadan Jihad Massacre at Orlando Gay Club

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Jihad Denial Kills…Again 

Recommend; excellent synopsis of yesterdays Islamic Jihad attack on American Nightclub in Orlando, FL! God Bless America!

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So far, his story is shaping up as the now-customary list of jihadist clichés.

America just suffered our worst terrorist attack since 9/11. We need to start talking honestly about the enemy that keeps butchering Americans.

John R. Schindler writes: Tonight we burn illusions. A terrorist attack on a popular gay club in Orlando, Florida in the middle of the night ended before the dawn with the violent deaths of at least 50 innocents and the maiming of 53 more. This was the bloodiest terrorist attack on America since 9/11. The Pulse nightclub, something of an icon in Florida LGBT circles, was transformed into a charnel house.

“While all Islamists view gays and lesbians with a distaste that veers easily into violence, ISIS kills them so routinely – pushing them off buildings before the cameras, for instance – that it scarcely attracts attention any longer. Nobody should be shocked that…

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