One Woman’s Response:

A Woman’s Reaction

Study, investigation, re-investigation, questioning, uncovering biases/motive/history/academics/minutiae – truth lies here too/social-engineering in all its guises, throughout historical ‘transformation’and ‘evolution’, yes this is all very important work and a huge contribution to the field of Linguistics!

Equally significant, perhaps more so, is to communicate is plain language so that as many born-females as possible may have some chance at understanding what it is other females are trying to communicate!

While this woman is not too concerned with “Generic X”,  but rather the value of ‘Genetic X’ — meaning females from conception to natural death, and everything in between — this response is ‘published’ here as I found that after 9, ‘Comments Are Closed’!  As there was a comment and a valid point to be made, in this female’s opinion, I chose another route!;
In no way is this to discredit this blogger’s work, nor that of her sources; but rather, I hope, to lend another female’s voice to this effort.

Thank you for your attention and your Excellent Site!


On Twitter recently, the British Green Party’s women’s organization explained why it had chosen to refer to its constituency as ‘non-men’ rather than ‘women’. This inspired an outbreak of the kind of mockery and parody Twitter excels in. ‘What’s all this in my mentions about the non-blue party?’ inquired one user. Others urged the immediate […]

via Default: male — language: a feminist guide


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