[VIDEO] Local TV News Anchor Exposes Soros-Allied Open Borders Front Group ‘Partnership for a New American Economy’

Thanks so much for this most important and informative video — especially for any American Citizen (Born/Naturalized, legally) who may not yet be familiar with George Soros (Hungarian Born, Mega, Mega ++ Billioinaire–also a self-loathing Jew born to Hungarian Jewish Parents in Hungary! Soros is an Enemy of The Republic Of The United States of America and has been active for decades in successfully toppling several nation’s economies, while being in high gear overseeing and, most importantly, financing what are now considered America’s social engineers!!! Soros is absolutely and most assuredly among The Enemy Within!



Sorry for repetition,  if there is any; at the time of my reply, my ‘settings were quite restrictive’ — perhaps some recent adjustments have helped!

pundit from another planet

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