In The War On You And Me.

You seem an impassioned Patriot Soldier in the great Battle for Truth, Justice and The Enduring American Spirit! Millions and Millions and Fellow American Patriots are aware of the current struggle/war of We The People from every acre of our Nation!
It’s Essential that we American Patriots hold fast and close to the Bedrock of our Exceptional Nation’s Founding — God! In the face of the ever-present assault on American Values, Culture, Language, History and Heritage, We The People’s strength, courage and successes are directly related out reliance on God, the God of Our Founders, Fore-Fathers and Fore-Mothers!
God Bless America!

Blue Ridge Springs

For more than a decade now the U.S. Government has waged war on my family, American Citizens, a secret war started in 1994 with a legislative act of treason by Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Patrick Leahy. My family is by no means the first casualty of this war, and will not be the last unless We The People demands an end to it.

It was an ACT of Treason because:

  1. With the establishment of the National Appeals Division (NAD) It put Executive, Legislative, and Judicial power in the hands of the Secretary of Agriculture reporting directly to the President and altered the Administrative procedures Act for its criminal purpose.
  2. It abolished the Federal Rules of Evidence in USDA Administrative appeals and eliminated precedent. Two keys of fair procedure built from the lessons of a thousand years.
    1. The elimination of precedent denies appellants equal treatment under appeal, under…

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