Cowardly Obfuscation

the crystal mud of “irregular relationships” in Francis I statements and writings, coupled with his seemingly preferred position as head-of-state (The Vatican Nation) and attendant political positions on matters, especially the role in life of b.h.obama is chilling and, frankly, unacceptable!
While no Roman Catholic Historian, I am aware The Roman Cathollic Church has been here in great difficulties throughout Her history and more than once! I can only pray for Gods Guidance, Wisdom and Direction in The Ways Of The Truth and The Light!
Then I consider St. Malachy’s Prophesies from the 12th C wherein St. Malachy tells us that ‘Pietro Romano’ is the last Pope The Roman Catholic Church will have!
God Bless! kat

At the Extraordinary Synods on the family last year, the liberal cardinals invited to attend unashamedly put their sinister plans to distort Catholic teaching on the indissolubility of Holy Matrimony into action. They were opposed by the conservative cardinals. The world held its breath – what would be the outcome of all this?

October 2015, Pope Francis thanked all the cardinals in his closing speech after the second and final Synod gathering, but his little digs at the traditional (a.k.a. orthodox) cardinals led all true Catholics to fear the worst for his coming Apostolic Exhortation.

126j33 Then on 8th April 2016 the Vatican finally released Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia. A bombshell! Already it is scandalising the world – not for its discarding of unchangeable dogma and doctrine (which it does not) but for its cowardly obfuscation of the truth. Henry VIII would have been delighted with this document!



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